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A Book Review: Steaming: Great Flavor, Healthy Meals

teaming: Great Flavor, Healthy Meals

This book puts emphasis on using steaming as a cooking method. This method reduces any oil needed for the food as well as locking in all the flavor and keeping the texture of the food.

Many people only think of vegetables when steaming and then steam them to death on top of it. Most of the recipes in this cookbook are oriental as perhaps that culture has been the leader in steam cooking. I made the Chicken and Spinach Wontons and they were wonderful. The book also covers steaming of other vegetables making them look like artforms. The Stuffed Zucchini Blossoms and the Squash Soup in the gourd were beautiful. I’m not sure I could eat them after I’d finished cooking them because they were so pretty.

Many of these recipes do take some time to prepare. There is wrapping of wontons, using multiple wrappers, making California rolls, Sushi, Veal Rolls, Thai Fish Curry which were all time consuming to get such beauty. The Fish wrapped in toasted seaweed was beautiful.

There were even desserts, Grand Marnier Creme Caramel, Fruitcakes, and Creamy Coconut Black Rice Pudding. The tips and training for steaming that are in this book are excellent. You would learn the trade without question.

There are less than 50 recipes in this book so it’s a little expensive per recipe. But if you want to learn steaming the techniques are here.

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About The Book
We all want to provide tasty and healthy meals for our families, but few of us have the time. This book shows busy cooks how to keep the delicious and healthy meals coming without spending hours in the kitchen to prepare home-cooked dinners. An ancient Asian cooking technique, steaming fits in perfectly with contemporary eating styles. Quick and easy to prepare, steaming is a flavor-packed and nutritious alternative to cooking with fats.

Steaming is a wonderful introduction to this classic Asian art of cooking. Each recipe includes step-by-step directions that anyone can follow, and provides information on how to use a variety of steaming equipment, including tips for creating your own steamer. With recipes for everything from appetizers to desserts, everyone is sure to find new family favorites for dinner!

Author(s): Brigid Treloar