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6 Tips for adding vegetables in your diet

Increasing vegetable consumption is a sure way you can change your diet to improve your health and promote weight loss. Veggies provide various essential vitamins and nutrients that bodies need to work effectively every day. If you’re looking to take in more vegetables, learn how to add vegetables to your diet in different ways, such as in side dishes, snacks, salads, juices, smoothies, and even hiding in some of your other favorite foods.

Tip 1
Attempt to include one or two vegetables in every meal or snack you eat throughout the day. You can include raw, cooked, fresh, frozen, or canned vegetables in your meals. Select whatever type depending on your personal tastes, the meal you are making, how you prepare it, your budget, and what is in season.
For example, if you do not like cooked carrots, try eating them raw. If fresh asparagus is too costly or not in season, try canned.

Tip 2
Mash up cauliflower instead of potatoes for a low carbohydrate substitute for potato dishes.

Tip 3
Eat raw carrots, celery, or any other raw vegetable. Incorporating vegetables to your diet with a low-fat dressing or dip can be a healthy and filling snack.

Tip 4
Eat a salad for lunch or dinner. You can also eat a salad before lunch or dinner to reduce your appetite for your main dish. Prepare salads in various ways by utilizing various leafy greens, other vegetables, and dressings so you are less likely to tire of eating the same foods frequently. Add lean proteins to make the salad more filling if you intend to use it as a meal. Attempt to avoid fatty dressings and toppings.

Tip 5
Drink vegetable juice that is 100% juice. This is a great alternative should you not have time to arrange veggies any other way or have a hard time dealing with the taste or texture of them. Opt for low-sodium versions this option as healthy as possible.

Tip 6
Hide vegetables in your favorite meals. For example, add a vegetable assortment to your spaghetti sauce, meatloaf, chili, or pizza. Vegetables will add more depth to the flavor of the dish, but usually will be unrecognizable.