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A Book Review: Steaming: Great Flavor, Healthy Meals

teaming: Great Flavor, Healthy Meals

This book puts emphasis on using steaming as a cooking method. This method reduces any oil needed for the food as well as locking in all the flavor and keeping the texture of the food.

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6 Tips for adding vegetables in your diet

Increasing vegetable consumption is a sure way you can change your diet to improve your health and promote weight loss. Veggies provide various essential vitamins and nutrients that bodies need to work effectively every day. If you’re looking to take in more vegetables, learn how to add vegetables to your diet in different ways, such as in side dishes, snacks, salads, juices, smoothies, and even hiding in some of your other favorite foods.

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Kim K Turns to Steamed Veggies

Apparently when you want to slim down for that wedding dress steam vegetables are what you need. recently ran a story touting the celebs strict diet in order to lose weight for her upcoming wedding.

The Examiner quoted a friend writing.

…while still restricting carbohydrates, Kim is “counting the calories in everything and living on grilled fish, chicken and steamed vegetables.” Her food plan is based on the Atkins diet, which is a high fat ketogenic diet designed to boost fat-burning.

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A Few Steaming Lessons Learned

Bamboo steamers are easy to come by, and relatively inexpensive. The steamers are available in a range of diameters, and are made of interlocking trays intended for stacking on atop of the other. Placed above simmering water, the steam from the water rises through the trays and cooks the food. It’s a simple premise that works astoundingly well. I use three trays, but you can certainly go up or down a level.

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Gwyneth Paltrow is really into steamed vegetables


It was a reported that the 40-year-old actress showed she has a lot of self-control around food while out to eat with husband Chris Martin and their two children Tuesday. During carb-filled family dinner at Italian restaurant it was reported that Paltrow went completely Carb Free and dined on steamed veggies only.

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